Friday, July 18, 2008

The First Apertifs Collection at Caeli

I've designed rings before, with faceted stones that caught my fancy, set in 18KT white and yellow gold. This, however, was my first serious attempt at a full collection of cocktail rings, with identically custom-cut large checkerboard gemstones and trios of sapphires and tourmalines. The collection was meant as an homage to the classic luxury of old, where 18KT gold was the minimum karat gold of choice, and yet at the same time, the large stones and varied colour infused it with an undeniable youthful edge.

left to right: green-gold quartz with fancy sapphires, citrine with fancy sapphires, london blue topaz with fancy sapphires, rose de france with fancy sapphires, prasiolite with pink sapphires and tourmalines (yellow gold), amethyst with green tourmalines, prasiolite with pink sapphires and tourmalines (rose gold), smoky quartz with pink sapphires and tourmalines

I chose my favourite colours for the large checkerbox stones, and then with each cut gemstone, spent hours picking out the accompanying sapphires and tourmaline shades to match. For the metal, I chose three shades of 18KT gold - a pale yellow, white, and a beautiful rose shade - to go with the different stones. To give it more texture, I requested that my craftsmen hammer and sandblast the gold, while keeping the shine on the inside. And finally, I had the label's logo laser engraved on the side.

These babies are now with Caeli, a gorgeous luxury jewellery boutique in Thailand. They carry mainly diamonds in high karat gold and platinum and we think that the rings will be right at home with them. We're very honoured to have them carry this collection.


CentralWorld, D108 Ground Floor,

Rajdamri Road, Bangkok 10330, Thailand

Tel: +66 86 389 5737

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